2013. május 26., vasárnap

The Time of My Life

"I looked at my life. 'Happy now?'
'I'm feeling a little better.'
'The better I do for you, the more I alienate other people. What good is that for me?'
'Right now, not much, but down the line it'll pay off. They just need to get to know you.'
'They know me.'
'You don't even know you, how can you expect them to?'
'Very philosophical.' I grabbed my bag.
'Where are you going?'
'But we just got here.'
'She doesn't want me here.'
'She never said that.'
'She didn't have to.'
'So make it up to her.'
'By staying. You've never done that before.'
'And do what?'
He raised his eyebrows. 'Dance.'
'I am not dancing with you.'
'Come on.' He stood up and grabbed my hands and pulled me up. I fought him but he was strong.
'I don't dance.' I said, trying to pull myself away from him.
'You used to. You and Blake were Dirty Dancing competition winners two years in a row.'
'Well, I don't dance any more. There's no one even on the dance floor, we'll look like fools. And I'm not dirty dancing with you.'
'Dance like they're not watching.'
Which they were, including Melanie who had come back inside and was currently watching us from the darkness, even though she was mad at me. I felt a weight I didn't even know was there lift from my shoulders at having revealed a truth. Life was like a drunken uncle at a bad wedding, attempting to dance like John Travolta in a bizarre mix between Pulp Fiction and Stayin' Alive, but he was happy and he made me smile. So I did a little Uma Thurman and danced with Life like no one was watching until we were the last on the floor and last out the door. He was persuasive; life has a way of getting what it wants when it really knows what it wants."

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